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Lindsay is honored to help you and your new baby to flourish through... 

~Offering nourishment to your new mama heart with uplifting emotional support and encouragement

~Guiding you in nourishing your baby both physically and emotionally with clinical expertise and individualized care

The newborn stage is sacred, and time is fleeting.  My goal is to help decrease your stress and worry during this beautiful transition.  I will empower you, encourage you, educate you, and support you to help you and your baby thrive throughout your breastfeeding journey.

With kindness and compassion, I am here to offer the support, encouragement, and education needed to set you up for success.



Hello!  My name is Lindsay, and I am so grateful to be able to serve women in this field that I am so passionate about.  My approach to lactation support is holistic.  My goals are to simplify, take the guess work out, and make breastfeeding as uncomplicated as possible for you, so it can be both sustainable and enjoyable for you and your baby.   I will treat you and your baby as an authentic couplet and I will guide you and write your care plans specifically geared toward your needs and your goals.  What works for one mama and baby does not always work for the next.  I will take the time needed to help teach you, guide you, create confidence, and take the stress away so you can focus on loving and enjoying your baby.

 I use my strong assessment skills and critical thinking I have developed as an obstetrics registered nurse to compliment my role as a board certified lactation consultant.  I strive to help moms develop the confidence and education they need to reach their breastfeeding goals, and help their babies thrive.  I am strongly committed to women and children's health, and my mission is to be your advocate, educator, and encourager as I partner with you on your breastfeeding and parenting journey.  The individualized care plans I write will help you to feel encouraged and confident. I treat all my clients with utmost respect.  I perform comprehensive assessments for both mom and baby to help troubleshoot and work through breastfeeding challenges. 

I teach prenatal breastfeeding classes as well as special considerations prenatal breastfeeding classes designed specifically to include topics and guidance for mom's with high risk pregnancies, medical diagnoses that could cause difficulty with lactation, or women who have struggled with milk supply in the past.  Included in this class is an individual prenatal assessment and care plan to help set you up for success. 

Common issues I can help with include: painful latch, recurrent mastitis and plugged ducts, slow weight gain, premature/NICU babies, managing milk supply, tongue tie assessments and post procedure treatment, weaning from nipple shields, introducing bottles, exclusive pumping plans, multiples, tandem nursing, weaning, relactating, induced lactation, among many others.  Send me a message if you have a specific concern that you are seeking help for.

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